Judge Extols the Benefits of a Remote Hearing

Electronic bundles can be more useful to the judge during a hearing – especially a remote one! Having the electronic bundle on a second screen enables the judge to continue to watch the witnesses as they give evidence in a more effective way than lever arch files. This recent High Court case that XBundle was […]

Online Remote Hearings

A full, online, remote hearing does not have to be a challenging process!   XBundle::Assemble allows the automatic creation of indexes and pagination. Marginal cross-references can be added, making it far easier to locate important documents within a trial bundle.   XBundle::View with remote page-turning ensures that all parties are on the same page at […]

Notes from a Remote Trial

In the latest remote hearing XBundle supported, the judge said “I would like to express my appreciation on behalf of everyone for everyone at XBundle for the sterling service they have done. It has made all of our tasks a lot easier in what otherwise might have been quite a challenging trial process. So yes, […]