Judge Extols the Benefits of a Remote Hearing

Electronic bundles can be more useful to the judge during a hearing – especially a remote one!

Having the electronic bundle on a second screen enables the judge to continue to watch the witnesses as they give evidence in a more effective way than lever arch files.

This recent High Court case that XBundle was involved in demonstrates the potential of electronic bundles to make a difference in hearings.

Malik v Hussain Jr & Ors [2020] EWHC 2334 (Ch) (https://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWHC/Ch/2020/2334.html)

paragraphs 24 and 25.


  1. The trial took place remotely.  The parties sensibly agreed to use the services of a litigation support company known as XBundle, so that I had the benefit of a professionally prepared electronic trial bundle, the relevant pages of which were produced via web link to the witnesses as they gave evidence remotely, as did the interpreter who translated remotely for some of the witnesses, together with a live transcript service also provided by web link to the court and to the parties.  The whole process worked extremely well and enabled the trial to be conducted most effectively.  I am grateful to XBundle, to the solicitors who co-operated to enable the trial to proceed remotely and to counsel who mastered the technology most efficiently.
  2. Significantly, there was no loss of opportunity to see the witnesses as they gave evidence.  Indeed, being able to see the witness close up on a screen, with the relevant documentation being easily accessed on the adjacent screen, enabled me to assess their reaction to questions and to compare their oral evidence to their witness statements or contemporaneous documents more easily and, to me at least, more usefully than had they given evidence in person in court and I had to navigate a multi lever arch paper trial bundle at the same time as observing them giving evidence.