What is XBundle?

XBundle is a litigation software suite designed to help legal teams efficiently produce high quality, professional electronic document bundles and present them in court. Currently, XBundle consists of XBundle::Assemble and XBundle::View.


XBundle::Assemble allows the user to create digital bundles which export as complete paginated PDFs, which can be printed as well as sent over to XBundle::View. XBundle::Assemble is a cross-industry and practice tool and can be used by anyone needing to organise documents into bundles or sets.


XBundle::View is a trial presentation software which can be remotely controlled in court, and allows two pages to be viewed side-by-side simultaneously on a 24” screen with no need to scroll or zoom. XBundle is an offline, non-cloud dependent tool which will work regardless of an internet connection.


As well as providing software to clients, XBundle offers a fully managed service, and is available outside of the traditional 9 to 5 working hours for troubleshooting and litigation support.


XBundle uses a simple licensing model that works on a per user per case basis for courtroom presentation, and a one-off perpetual licence with annual maintenance/update/upgrade fees for bundle assembly.

Introducing Excel View

XBundle proudly introduces our own new Excel View.

Excel support finally comes to trial presentation software.

  • XBundle Excel View provides near-native viewing of Excel spreadsheets
  • Navigate between Excel tabs and display the Excel formula bar and cell contents without leaving your XBundle software

Welcome to the paperless bundle.

Please give a call on 0207 871 3125 to discuss how we can help you take back control of your bundles.

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The Commercial Court Guide and how XBundle achieves the bundle preparation requirements

The Commercial Court has this month released the latest version of The Commercial Court Guide which is now in its Tenth Edition.

This incorporates The Admiralty Court Guide together with The Financial List Guide and supplements The Circuit Commercial (Mercantile) Court Guide.

Practitioners in these Courts will know that the Guide is an adjunct to the Civil Procedure Rules and their Practice Directions and is designed to promote the efficient conduct of litigation in the Commercial Courts. As indeed are the Guides in the other Courts such as The Chancery Guide, The Queen’s Bench Guide and The Technology and Construction Court Guide.

Appendix 7 of The Commercial Guide sets out very useful information on how bundles, whether electronic or paper, and the focus in the Guide is squarely on promoting the use of electronic bundles, should be prepared.

In this Article I shall just be highlighting the cross-referencing, indexing and pagination features of XBundle. [Read more…]


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