Front Cover

The purpose of placing labels, such as a front cover, on the outside of bundles is to aid the Courts and legal representatives in locating bundles quickly and efficiently.   The front cover of a bundle should ensure that the bundle is easily identified. Although it must contain the case title (or a summary of […]

Indexes and Table of Contents

The purpose of an index or table of contents is to ensure that documents can be located quickly and easily. They should be considered as a way to increase efficiency during hearings.   An index or a table of contents should always be placed inside the bundle as its first page and should list the […]

Core Bundles

Core bundles can be used to ensure that the most frequently referred to documents can be easily and quickly located. This should not be more than a single folder and should only contain the most important documents.   NB: it is not appropriate to refer to the statements of case bundle as the “Core Bundle”. […]