The first aspect of bundling to be discussed is pagination (the process of printing or placing fresh page numbers on bundle documents so that they sit in order in a bundle and can be located easily).   As a general rule, pagination should always be sequential. However, the division-specific Court guides should always be consulted […]

Introduction to Bundling Series and Sedley’s Laws of Documents

“A good bundle cannot win a bad case, but a bad bundle can damage a good case” – District Judge Paul Waterworth   XBundle has recently compiled a guide to navigating the complications of bundle production, titled “Hearings Bundles: A Compendium”. This series of posts will explore various aspects of the bundling process and share […]


XBundle::View runs as a standalone program and, as such, is not reliant on an internet connection. Page turning via remote control also works on XBundle::View without an internet connection. Should the Courts internet connection become unavailable or slow, XBundle::View keeps going – long after other evidence presentation systems have frozen!   It allows two pages […]