XBundle::Assemble runs from an encrypted USB and sits behind the firewall on computer desktops and networks. As it was designed by lawyers, for lawyers, it is extremely user-friendly.   It is designed to replicate paper bundles by incorporating virtual lever arch files, allowing multiple bundles to be created simultaneously. It was created so that a […]

What is XBundle?

XBundle is a litigation software suite designed to help legal teams efficiently produce high quality, professional electronic document bundles and present them in court. Currently, XBundle consists of XBundle::Assemble and XBundle::View.   XBundle::Assemble allows the user to create digital bundles which export as complete paginated PDFs, which can be printed as well as sent over […]

Introducing Excel View

XBundle proudly introduces our own new Excel View. Excel support finally comes to trial presentation software. XBundle Excel View provides near-native viewing of Excel spreadsheets Navigate between Excel tabs and display the Excel formula bar and cell contents without leaving your XBundle software Welcome to the paperless bundle. Please give a call on 0207 871 […]