Jim Rohn, one of my favourite American speaker’s said “How long should you try? Until.” It is something I remind myself of daily right now as I continue to swim upstream in the legal services and tech world. No one told me selling to law firms was going to be easy, having had ten years of experience working with law firms, I knew that it would be tough, but I must admit selling tech to law firms is harder than services, selling tech to law firms when there is a dominant player in the market is even harder, even when firms have reported that they can find them difficult to work with and excessively expensive.

Jim also said, “Finding is reserved for those that search.” That is where XBundle finds itself right now, on the hunt for law firms that need help. We have some fantastic reference points; one recently summed up our current small fish status. After the completion of a hearing at the TCC where we provided the full suite of our services including eDiscovery, Electronic Bundles, Trial Prep, Trial Presentation, Tech and Transcription, the Judge’s clerk emailed us afterwards:
“I have not come across your company in court before but I and the judge think you did a brilliant job, setting up and all the daily transcripts, emailed through very quickly each day, and which the judge heavily rely’s on during a trial. It was also appreciated that you were in court to keep an eye on proceedings, just in case there were any technical difficulties. It saves a lot of stress for the court staff, and I myself, am not very IT friendly. My judge in particular prefers to use electronic bundles so I file everything for her, which is a lot easier when provided promptly.”

I am reminded of Hal Derwin’s song Little Fish In A Big Pond where he sings: “Stop taking it on the chin and begin to feel at home
In the bigger pond where the bigger fish and the bigger men belong.”

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