XBundle::View runs as a standalone program and, as such, is not reliant on an internet connection. Page turning via remote control also works on XBundle::View without an internet connection. Should the Courts internet connection become unavailable or slow, XBundle::View keeps going – long after other evidence presentation systems have frozen!


It allows two pages of A4 sized paper to be viewed side-by-side with no scrolling necessary. It also has its own proprietary Excel viewer, allowing spreadsheets to be viewed as near-native, and formulas can be viewed but not changed.


Cross-references can be created on the fly between bundles in the courtroom.


Where a user does have internet access, XBundle::View connects to a cloud hosted server and downloads any bundle updates. This includes the ability to collaborate using a chat panel featuring note sharing, ensuring all members of a legal team are on the same page.


XBundle::View combines the reliability, resilience and guaranteed performance of the offline world with the flexibility, efficiency and convenience of the cloud.