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“The trial participants used an electronic trial bundle managed by XBundle. I must thank the team at XBundle, in particular Mr Agombar, for all the support they gave to the trial participants, especially me, even outside court hours. Having a managed electronic trial bundle allowed the trial to run much more smoothly than it ever could have done with only a paper bundle or a non-managed electronic bundle. Because of the hard work of counsel, the solicitors and XBundle, the trial, although fully remote, was as fair as a face to face trial would have been.”

His Honour Judge Klein, High Court

“We were extremely impressed with X-Bundle who delivered our demanding objectives on time, at short notice and at proportionate cost. Mark and the team are affable, knowledgeable and driven. We would not hesitate to instruct X-Bundle again.”

Jon Scally, Senior Associate, Hill Dickinson

“Thank you all so much for your help preparing for and assisting with the arbitration hearing. The bundles were immaculate – there was not a single example of documents not being where they should, confusion over references, bundles not working or displaying properly etc. The only issues were the other side’s counsel getting their own references wrong.”

Silver Circle Law Firm

“Thank you for all your help on this one. The fact that our disclosure was in good order, and that theirs was a mess, proved very helpful. A clear lesson in the benefits of using XBundle!”

Colin Young, Partner, Boodle Hatfield

“I am grateful to both counsel for their co-operation in enabling the evidence to be completed on schedule and for their excellent cross-examination and submissions and to the respective solicitors for their co-operation in the preparation for and conduct of the trial, in particular – with help from XBundle – in relation to a very useful electronic trial bundle and an equally useful daily transcription service.”

His Honour Judge Stephen Davies, High Court

“It was great to have the bundles (and the presentation of them) perfect – thanks again for all your help on the ground with those.”

Silver Circle Law Firm

“I have not come across your company in court before but I and the judge think you did a brilliant job, setting up and all the daily transcripts, emailed through very quickly each day…It was also appreciated that you were in court to keep an eye on proceedings, just in case there were any technical difficulties. It saves a lot of stress for the court staff…My judge in particular prefers to use electronic bundles so I file everything for her, which is a lot easier when provided promptly.”

Judge’s Clerk TCC

What we offer

As your one-stop legal concierge, XBundle transform your the way you navigate the legal landscape by seamlessly integrating a comprehensive array of services. From electronic bundles and trial preparation to e-discovery, digital forensics, and transcripts, XBundle is your dedicated partner in simplifying and elevating your legal journey. Experience the ease of having all your legal tech needs met under one roof, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your cases.

Digital Forensics

Our digital investigation service covers every aspect of the computer forensic examination process from the capture, preservation and expert analysis of computer data, to the presentation of reports and evidence.

Electronic Bundling

Setting ourselves apart from competitors, XBundle distinguishes its service by delivering high quality, intricate, custom tailored electronic bundles in a format that promotes the efficient preparation and the management of a hearing.

Trial Presentation

Hearings can be in-person, remote or hybrid using our fully integrated platform which can be customised to each participants preferences as a tailored solution. We will help you to design the hearing to suit your needs.

Litigation Support

XBundle consists of a professional team of client-focused, litigation support specialists with extensive experience working in disputes. We have total flexibility to design solutions based on our customers’ needs over the long run.


We provide accurate, high quality daily transcription and real-time transcription services. We offer a cost effective and efficient solution to providing verbatim recordings of proceedings and can supply specialist court reporters if needed.


XBundle can provide technical advice, resources and even project management to support your disclosure process. As a partner to a number of leading platforms, XBundle brings the experience and technical know-how you need. 

Why choose Xbundle?


Choose XBundle for an unparalleled electronic bundle experience. Our platform, XBundle::Create, expertly designed by legal professionals, offers a seamless, cost-effective solution for collecting, collating, creating, and presenting electronic bundles. What sets us apart is our commitment to timely and error-free delivery. We understand the urgency of litigation, working in tandem with your team, providing personalised support even during last-minute requests. With a focus on empowering litigation teams and consistently delivering the highest quality electronic bundles, XBundle ensures you have the optimal tools and support to achieve your desired outcomes.

Make the smart choice for precision, efficiency, and success—choose XBundle!

XBundle is a small company with a big reputation among its client base.

Our team comes with many years of experience delivering litigation support and it means that we understand the need to be responsive and offer an exceptional standard of service. We offer self service and managed service options for electronic bundling and trial preparation.


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Frequently asked questions

Do you provide transcription services?

Transcription is one of our core services. We can provide real-time (live) transcriptons or same day transcriptions.

What is the difference between real-time transcripts and same day transcripts?

Real-time transcripts (live) provides a track of what is said on terminals for every stakeholder (in the court). This requires a specialist court reporter. Same day transcripts are more cost effective and transcripts are provided at the end of the day, normally 2 hours after the close of proceedings.

Do you have any hidden costs?

No. XBundle’s pricing has been designed to be straight forward and cost effective.

What is a tech enable hearing?

Tech enabled hearings are proceedings supported by technology. This normally involves hardware, like display screens for evidence, transcription terminals, the use of electronic bundles or any other technology that is required by the legal teams to put their case across.

What is the best way to build an electronic bundle?

There is no best way to build an electronic bundle, but there is detailed guidance offered by the Judiciary. XBundle’s team is always abreast of the newest guidance so that we can deliver court and jurisdiction compliant e-Bundles for your country.

What is an electronic bundle?

An electronic bundle or e-bundle is an organised collection of electronic copies of documents for use at a hearing. Any document that is likely to be referenced in a trial should be placed into a paginated bundle for use by the judge, witnesses and all other relevant parties.

How do you build an electronic bundle?

Not all electronic bundles or eBundles are created equal. XBundle has been building bundles for law firms and chambers for over 10 years. We can provide you with a platform and the necessary support to create smart electronic bundles or we can offer a full managed service to create the bundle for you. 

How do you create a smart electronic bundle?

The easiest way is to call XBundle, but if you want a helpful guide please see our Insights page for a do it yourself guide on how to build an electronic bundle.

What is greener litigation?

Greener litigation is a methodology to reduce carbon emmissions during the litigation process. One easy way to do that is to adopt electronic bundling and tech enabled hearings.

In an article by HSF, they gave the example of a typical arbitration hearing that required stakeholder travel to be in person versus a hybrid hearing. You can find the details here: Inside Arbitration: Whether virtual or physical, we can do more to make arbitration hearings sustainable | Herbert Smith Freehills | Global law firm

The big takeaway was that proceedings involving air travel increase the impact on the environment considerably. Were the proceedings to be held in a hybrid or in a virtual setting the main cause of CO2 emissions was drastically reduced.  

What are the benefits of tech enabled hearings?

There are numerous benefits to a well managed tech enabled hearing. The main one being time saving and therefore cost. Although it depends on the participants, it is generally accepted that hearings utilising electronic bundles reduce the time to present evidence. We have had feedback from both Judges and Counsel that it can also have a positive impact of the flow of a hearing with the ability to move quickly from one aspect of the case to another. Barristers who have embraced electronic bundles have found their arguments can be positively impacted, especially in very complex cases where the evidence can be presented exactly as intended. 

In contrast, parties who have not produced a coherent and effective bundles can find it impacting their case negatively. That is where XBundle comes in, ensuring our clients have a faultless bundle and the very best opportunity to put their case across, ultimately leading to better outcomes!