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Preparing electronic bundles and trial presentation is in our DNA. We excel at supporting modern litigation teams and extending their ability to deliver value to their clients by leveraging collaboration tools across the whole case lifecycle. We offer self-service, hybrid service and fully managed options and we are always on hand to support you throughout the course of a matter.

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XBundle has a dedicated team that helps our clients to build better, smarter electronic bundles.

Our highly skilled team of experts take pride in creating court compliant, high quality, and reliable bundles. We believe that every bundle should be submitted right first time, with zero margin for error! We are always here to support our clients.

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Electronic Bundling Solutions

At XBundle we understand the unique needs of law firms, legal departments and litigation teams. We have designed a range of solutions that provides quantifiable and sustainable value, helping you to take control, save time and improve efficiency. Unsure about what service you might need?

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We offer self-service and fully managed options and we are always on hand to support you throughout the course of a matter.

Regardless on the complexity or size of the case, our powerful solutions and expertise are relied upon by legal teams around the world. Find out more about our highly specialised electronic bundle software and fully managed solutions below:


XBundle:: Create

XBundle::Create is the proprietary trial bundle creation and presentation software which has been developed out of XBundle’s original in-house utilities. XBundle::Create is a secure, cloud-based, highly scalable and intuitive platform that allow you to build electronic bundles and present your bundles in one single platform.

XBundle has created the ultimate collaborative platform that allows you to collect, collate, create and present your electronic bundles.