XBundle can provide technical advice, resources and project management to support your disclosure process.

Electronic Disclosure services for litigation – eDisclosure

 As a seasoned provider across top eDiscovery platforms such as Everlaw and Relativity,  XBundle offers more than just technical advice – we bring a wealth of experience, valuable resources, and expert project management to amplify your disclosure processes.

 XBundle commitment to excellence is echoed in the words of Colin Young, Partner at Boodle Hatfield, who praised the impact of XBundle’s services:

Thank you for all your help on this one. The fact that our disclosure was in good order, and that theirs was a mess, proved very helpful. A clear lesson in the benefits of using XBundle.”

XBundle eDisclosure Services – Fast, Efficient, and Collaborative eDiscovery 

XBundle is the only organisation that can provide a genuine end-to-end service under one roof. XBundle can offer eDisclosure as software as a service (SaaS) or a full managed service. XBundle has a team of eDisclosure experts that can assist you with every aspect of your case. From technology selection, to setting up and managing technology assisted reviews, designing workflows, timeline/chronology, data collection, data processing and hosting we have the skills, experience and technical know-how to ensure you collect and process the relevant data you need.

The XBundle team provides comprehensive in-house E-Disclosure and support services to silver law firms, meticulously managing the eDiscovery process. 

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Compliance with

Practice Direction –

Pre Action conduct

Paragraph 9.6 of CPR PD57AD confirms that the parties should seek to reduce the burden and cost of the disclosure exercise and ways of doing this can include the use of:

(3)(a) software or analytical tools, including technology assisted review software and techniques; and

(b) coding strategies, including to reduce duplication”.

The explanatory note to Section 2 of the Disclosure Review Document also provides that parties should use a technology assisted review to conduct a proportionate review of the data set.

As a result, technology assisted review should be considered in any matter with electronic stored information or other documentation.

Compliant, Methodical, eDisclosure Solutions

 XBundle thrives in enabling legal teams to work faster, with greater accuracy, and reduce the costs of the review process significantly, without losing any flexibility in their approach in the process. We have experts that can use artificial intelligence. Presented using various terminologies such as predictive coding, technology assisted review “TAR”, or computer assisted learning / review “CAL”/ “CAR”. 

In addition to our XBundle bespoke software and hardware products, this is underpinned by a team of highly trained legal experts with years of experience in managing a huge variety of different cases, clients and challenges. XBundle is proud to adopt a tailored approach to every case. Whether this is driven by information security requirements, software functionality, or workflow management, XBundle has the capability to adapt to each and every situation.

Regardless of the challenge, it is our teams’ commitment, knowledge and expertise to our clients that delivers outstanding results time after time.

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