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Celebrating 6 months of XBundle::Create

July 6, 2023

XBundle::Create 6 months later!


In January 2023, our new software, XBundle::Create, was released to the public for the first time. Our industry leading experts have created an integrated electronic bundle creation and trial presentation software fully in the Cloud.

The XBundle software can be used to create, view and download bundles in electronic bookmarked PDF format, and which are also print ready. All XBundle::Create bundles are court compliant. It also includes features such as:


      • document annotations (edits, redactions, add texts comments)
      • automated hyperlinked indices
      • document preview
      • side by side view
      • automated pagination
      • automated bookmarks and nested bookmarks
      • cross margin references on the fly
      • edit metadata
      • re-sorting documents in order by date, file name, disclosure ID or database ID; and
      • bulk document upload (including Excels, Word, PDF, emails etc)

The software also has an in-built trial presentation function which can be used as additional service at hearing. You’ll be able to have side by side view on one 24″ monitor. E.g. First page of witness statement on the left side of your screen and last page of witness statement on the right side of your screen. This is designed to make cross examination easier and quicker.

The XBundle::Create also includes a ‘full screen’ mode rather than a side-by-side view. Alternatively, you can simply use the trial presentation section to annotate, edit and add comments to bundles (or the other side’s bundle).

Where are we now?


XBundle is delighted to announce that XBundle::Create is now used by top silver law firms and regional law firms across the UK. We love receiving great feedback from the clients:

“XBundle::Create has been great for us. Really simple, easy to use, timesaving and massively efficient. We are able to create a very large bundle in hours rather than days. It is the perfect solution for anyone who’s looking to create an electronic bundle quickly and court complaint.”  Associate, Macfarlanes LLP

“This really has made a huge difference to us. We asked XBundle if we could add an additional feature to the platform, a machine translation feature, which they added to the platform quickly and gave us ongoing training. We cannot thank the XBundle team enough”. Partner, Boodle Hatfield



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