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Cross-referencing: Can Hyperlinking Save your bundle?

June 15, 2023

What is Hyperlinking?


Hyperlinking, formally known as ‘cross margin references’, within electronic bundles allow documents to be instantly and efficiently located. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid hyperlinking, as it a mandatory requirement for any electronic bundles:

“As regards cross-referencing, when copy documents from exhibits are included, then unless clearly unnecessary, the copy of the affidavit or witness statement to which the documents were exhibited should be marked in a convenient way to show where the document referred to may be found”[1]


“where there is a reference in a statement of case, affidavit or witness statement to a document which is contained in the bundles, any copy of the statement of case, affidavit or witness statement in a bundle should be marked in a convenient way to identify where the document is to be found.”[2]


“Applicants should provide a chronology, cross-referenced to the documents, and a dramatis personae where that will assist”[3]


“Each entry in the index must be hyperlinked to the indexed document.”[4]

The Benefits of Hyperlinks


Hyperlinking within an electronic bundle can be very advantageous for trial. Hyperlinking allows the Judge and Council to view the relating documents instantly, instead of having to manually search through the bundle for correlating documents.  Therefore, hyperlinks helps proceedings to run efficiently, without any delays.


Why do Courts Insist on Hyperlinks?


Hyperlinks being absent from electronic bundles can cause huge stress and complications for the Judge when going through and checking evidence and relevant documents, especially in large cases. This alone is a major factor in why courts are now insisting on the use of hyperlinks when documents are being indexed, witness statements, exhibits or reports.

If there is the possibility to allow the judge to have a smoother proceeding and save time then that is a bonus alone!

Here at XBundle, we can help overcome any problems or troubles you may have with ensuring your electronic bundles are ready for trial.

How can XBundle Help you?


XBundle has it own bespoke software, XBundle::Create than can carry out cross margin references on the fly. XBundle::Create have dynamic cross-referencing tool that automatically updates when you add new documents to a bundle, meaning you only need to create cross references ones.

XBundle::Create can create cross margin references for viewing on the same screen or by side by side without the need for any scrolling or zooming.

Please get in touch with us for further support or for a chat on how we may be able to help.

To get in touch with our team, please email or call us on 0207 871 3125.



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