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Cyber Security is an ever increasing problem for Lawyers

July 26, 2022

At XBundle we understand the need to protect our data and more importantly, client data. The market generally expects some recognition of that fact and while Cyber Essentials can often indicate that a company is taking its data security seriously, we choose the more comprehensive seal of approval and are currently seeking ISO27001 Information Security Certification. Having completed the stage 1 audit, XBundle is on course to complete our certification by the end of August 2022.

It is not surprising that attacks against firms in legal services are increasing. Of the top 100 law firms in the UK, 73% have experienced some form of cyber-attack in the last 2 years. Law firm’s are high value targets, it gives criminals the opportunity to obtain not just sensitive law firm data but also highly sensitive client data. According to Ponemon’s Global Cyber Security Report the average total cost of a data breach was £2.37m and that was back in 2015. More importantly the reputational cost is potentially even greater. Smaller firms should potentially be even more concerned, an effective cyber-attack could threaten their entire business from the financial cost alone.

In many ways we are lucky, as a tech and services company our understanding of our information security needs was quite high, we had many of the processes for ISO27001 already in place, however gaining certification is still not an easy process. We believe we selected an excellent partner in the British Assessment Bureau whose BAB Active platform have made a very complicated process simpler to manage, much like XBundle makes litigation teams trial process simple and easy to manage. If you are thinking about your own information security you can visit:

BAB’s Website

XBundle is in no way affiliated to BAB we are just a happy customer.