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Electronic bundles, what not to do…a warning for all law firms

August 5, 2022

I am never keen to point out failures or poke fun at the poor individual at the receiving end of a Judge’s wrath. However, in many cases of course it can be a very good learning exercise, especially when they are not directly related to your firm or work.

Of course it is never good to have a Judge point out deficiencies particularly when they can be easily avoided, it is especially bad when the case is of significant public interest! The judgment I am referring to is all such things and serves as a case in point of what not to do with an electronic bundle.
In a widely publicised discrimination case, Allison Bailey took action against employer Garden Court Chambers and charity Stonewall. You can find the judgment on the judiciary site: here

In paragraphs 19 and 20 of the Bailey judgment, Judge Goodman clearly berates “whichever solicitors” for not following instructions, submitting a bundle that seemed to have been randomly thrown together with parts that were not OCR readable, having poor indexing and pagination, highlighting pages with the wrong orientation, duplication and late submissions with a final damning comment “it would have been even more helpful if whichever solicitors had carriage of the main bundle had put it together properly in the first place…”

I don’t know the firm involved and I am sure their anonymity in the judgement is one big saving grace, but it seems like everything that could go wrong with the bundle, did go wrong. The main point being that this simply could have been avoided and it may well have affected the final determination. This is exactly where XBundle comes in, we are here to support firms with the delivery of error free electronic bundles, taking care of the heavy administrative tasks so that the legal teams can focus on building a winning strategy and ultimately achieve better outcomes.

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