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Mark Agombar



Mark Agombar is a distinguished legal professional and the driving force behind XBundle. With a legal career spanning over three decades, Mark’s journey began when he qualified as a lawyer in 1988. His early years were marked by practicing as a commercial litigation solicitor, where he cultivated an in-depth understanding of various legal domains, including litigation, commercial law, contracts, private client and construction.

A seasoned innovator, Mark continuously seeks ways to alleviate the pressures faced by legal teams. He has developed electronic bundles and trial presentation software, with his latest creation being XBundle::Create. With 15 years of experience crafting electronic bundles and a decade specializing in electronic presentation of evidence (EPE), Mark is an expert in tailoring solutions to meet diverse legal team requirements.

Under his guidance, the XBundle team provides comprehensive in-house E-Disclosure and support services to silver law firms, meticulously managing the eDiscovery process. 

As a recognized figure in the legal tech and e-disclosure community, Mark participates in various panels, including the International Legal Technology Association and Legal Tech & Innovation Association. He is a sought-after speaker at industry events, representing XBundle and sharing insights with the legal community.

Regardless of the complexity or scale of the task at hand, Mark’s client-centric ethos permeates every aspect of his leadership. His genuine passion for ensuring client success, coupled with his innovative approach to legal technology, positions Mark as a trailblazer in the legal industry. With Mark at the helm, XBundle emerges not just as a legal tech company but as a trusted partner committed to exceeding client expectations in the ever-evolving landscape of modern law.


Interesting Fact

Mark holds a personal liquor license so whenever you are in need of a party you know who to go to.

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