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A Tail of Two Providers

February 9, 2023

At quarter to 6 last Friday, when other providers had packed up and not answering emails, we were contacted by one of our long term clients who had a problem.

They were in a hearing on Monday and our client legal team wanted to be able to use the electronic bundles off line but be able to easily navigate the bundles which were all PDF.

Unfortunately for our client the bundles produced by the provider they were using were not compliant in a number of respects and had been compiled in a way that was almost impossible to navigate. Worse still, despite the providers’ high charges they were not available to help having signed off for the weekend.

Senior personnel at our client needed to view the bundles over the weekend and didn’t have time to scroll through thousands of pages with no way of quickly finding the right document first time.

Needless to say, XBundle were available, understood immediately the problem and what was required to correct the problem the client was facing.

Our skilled team worked late into Friday night to fix the problem and allow the partners on the legal team to have bundles first thing Saturday morning that could be easily and quickly read.

XBundle expertise meant our client was rapidly provided with fully compliant, easy to use bundles allowing their vital hearing preparation to continue.

So next time when you want proper bundles who you going to call?

Email –   Phone – 44 (0)207 871 3125