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Digital Forensics – Are You the Next Digital Sherlock Holmes?

March 13, 2023

The Open University is currently offering students the chance to take a free taster course in digital forensics, but what is it, how is it used, and what digital forensic services do we specialise in and provide for our clients here at XBundle?

What is Digital Forensics?

Leaving a digital footprint is a standard part of our personal and business lives. Digital forensics is the branch of computer science that focuses on recovering and investigating material found in a digital space and on digital devices that can store data.

Although most of us use technology and online devices for legitimate reasons, it is thought that over 90% of criminal activity has some form of digital element. The UK Government has stated that digital forensic science sits at the core of delivering justice in modern society, spanning the entire criminal justice system from a crime scene to the courtroom.

One of the main goals of the digital forensics process is identifying, preserving, analysing, and documenting digital evidence. Legal teams often use digital forensics specialists to gather information needed to present evidence in a court of law when required, such as in criminal or litigation proceedings. Another vital part of digital forensics is the analysis of suspected cyberattacks to identify, mitigate, and eradicate cyber threats.

Ultimately, digital forensic analysts are the online world’s Sherlock Holmes or CSI teams. These highly skilled detectives help decipher digital evidence using clues left behind within an online, analogue, or electronic space.

Other terms you might hear to describe these digital sleuths include digital forensic investigators, computer forensics investigators, or digital forensics examiners.

Open University Digital Forensics Course 

Getting a bachelor’s degree can be essential to becoming a digital forensic investigator. However, before fully committing to such an intensive course – typically, courses are four years long – you will want to ensure it is the right path for you. The Open University is currently running a free taster course in Digital forensics, which is an introduction to computer forensics and investigation. The course provides a taster in understanding how to conduct investigations to correctly gather, analyse and present digital evidence to business and legal audiences. It also outlines the tools to locate and analyse digital evidence on various devices and how to keep up to date with changing technologies, laws, and regulations in digital forensics.

Find out more about the course here: Open University – Digital Forensics

For more information on other digital forensics courses, apprenticeships, and information guides, you can use resources such as the UCAS course website:

XBundle Digital Forensic Services 

Our digital investigation service covers every aspect of the computer forensic examination process, from capturing, preserving, and expert analysis of computer data to presenting reports and evidence. We work extensively with the police, legal profession, banks, and other public and private sector bodies, from the small to the large international. Dr Nick Sharples leads XBundle’s digital forensics and software development offering. He has extensive experience in software development, programming, computer science, and artificial intelligence and is a recognised expert witness.

However, digital forensics is just one part of our comprehensive range of solutions. We provide expertise in a variety of areas, including:


    • Electronic Bundles

    • XBundle::Create – Create your own electronic trial and court bundles. Collect, collate, create your smart electronic bundles in a cloud SaaS platform on demand.

    • E-Disclosure


    • Digital Forensics

    • Hearings and transcripts

    • Litigation support services

More than a technology company, XBundle consists of a team of highly trained legal experts with more than 30 years of experience managing various cases, clients and challenges. XBundle is proud to adopt a tailored approach to every case. Whether this is driven by information security requirements, software functionality, or workflow management, XBundle can adapt to every situation. Regardless of the challenge, it is our teams’ commitment, knowledge and expertise to our clients that deliver outstanding results time after time.

If you want to find out more about how XBundle can help you, please contact the XBundle team on 0207 871 3125 or email