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Maximise efficiency with the help of real time transcription experts!

February 27, 2023

Most legal professionals recognise the importance of utilising legal transcription services. Finding the right outsourced partner can ensure compliance, drive efficiency, and improve case organisation. However, what is the difference between Legal Transcription and Court Reporting?

While both activities are the process of converting spoken words into text, specific differences exist in the services received and the levels of expertise required.

Legal transcription involves documenting recorded audio/video, typically undertaken by transcriptionists well-versed in legal terminology and procedures. A legal transcriptionist typically takes previously recorded legal information and types an edited version from those recordings. Normally businesses use these services when recordings are not needed urgently or if there are no legal obligations attached to having real time transcripts. In comparison, court reporting involves transcribing live court hearings and creating a verbatim transcription of everything that happens in real time and must be undertaken by highly trained and certified court reporters. Sometimes known as Verbatim Court Proceedings Transcription, the benefits of live court reporting include:

  • Real time recording of all spoken words communicated by everyone during a court or deposition proceeding.
  • Accurate and reliable verbatim transcripts of proceedings by highly trained court reporters.
  • Real time and same day access to digital transcript in the court for the benefit of all involved parties — solicitors, counsel, and judges, including deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals participating in the judicial process.
  • Multilingual transcription – when transcribers are required for hearings being carried out in multiple languages.

However, not all transcription services are created equal. At XBundle we provide comprehensive transcription services, delivering tailored solutions depending on your requirements. We work with highly experienced and specialised court reporters ensuring an accurate record of proceedings is delivered on time, every time. 

We offer real-time and same day transcription in the requested format.

Real time and same day transcripts

XBundle can provide a full Transcription Services including Same-Day or Real-time transcription for in court and remote hearings. Our experienced and highly qualified team can provide onsite transcription and can attend anywhere in the UK and Internationally.

We can organise a stenographer to attend if required along with videography services for deposition, commission, or hearings.   XBundle can also help when transcribers are required for hearings being carried out in multiple languages.

What will you receive?

For Same-Day / Daily transcripts you will be provided a verbatim transcript of your hearing 2-3 hours after the end of your sitting day.

You, your team (and the Judge) will receive an email containing:

  1. A four-pages-to-a-page PDF
  2. A word version for ease of copying, and
  3. A word index.

For real time transcripts, you will be provided with a clean verbatim transcript of your hearing 3 hours after the end of your sitting day.

You, your team (and the Judge) will receive:

  1. A stenographer attending in court
  2. Real-time transcript in court
  3. A four-pages-to-a page PDF
  4. A word version for ease of copying, and
  5. A word index.

To discover how XBundle can help, give us a call at 0207 871 3125 or email

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