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Still using hard copy bundles?…

February 22, 2023

Why not change to electronic bundles?

Despite what some people think, there are many benefits to eBundles. Since Covid-19, we all had to adapt our way of living, especially in the workspace. In 2019-2020, we saw a shift from clients using a desktop app to cloud technology. We also saw more clients using eBundles rather than hard copies. Many people have had their doubts regarding eBundles. However, the benefits of using eBundles are beginning to strongly outweigh the negatives.

These are some of the main benefits that we have found whilst using eBundles ourselves.

  1. Most data that is now used in evidence is already in electronic format, this therefore makes the use of eBundles very time efficient. It eliminates the need of printing data and filing within a hard copy bundle, not only for one copy but for multiple copies.
  2. The time searching for relevant documents is reduced massively with electronic bundles. Instead of spending hours looking through hard copies of data, data being managed electronically saves time from being wasted. Therefore, increasing the productivity of the legal team.
  3. Everyone involved in the case/ in court can all have the exact same version as each other. This massively reduces the risks of certain documents getting lost or damaged or even those that are unreadable. Not only does electronic bundles allow everyone to have the same version, it also allows those who don’t work in the office to amend and access all documents from wherever they are working without the worry of someone else needing the files.
  4. Electronic bundles are extremely easy to amend, tag and highlight throughout the case. Having electronic highlights allows each member of the legal team to point out relevant/ non relevant points that can then be discussed at another time, without the worry of being forgotten. Tagging relevant documents through the use of cloud technology makes it a lot easier for faster navigation between documents.

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