Summer 2022 is nearly upon us, and we are starting to see a slowdown in some areas of legal services, but crucially not in litigation. While commercial, tax and compliance flourished in 2020 and M&A prospered in 2021 the Gross Legal Product (GLP) Index Report reported an overall 21% drop in litigation and an even greater decline in civil litigation dropping a whopping 35%. However, Reuters recently reported litigation was up in Q1 of 2022; although had not recovered to pre-pandemic levels; while transactional work had seen a decline across the board.

Naturally many firms will face resource issues over the summer months with support staff taking vacations. While the closing of the courts during August and September can help firms to mitigate this risk, those teams receiving hearing dates for October and November will want to be working on their case files during that period. That’s where XBundle can assist as an extension to litigation support teams, offering a fully managed service that can help with eDiscovery, electronic bundle creation and trial preparation. During the hearing phase we can be there to offer equipment, transcription services and trial presentation. Our team have experience working within the major courts and arbitration centres in the UK and we attend the hearings to offer onsite technical support and ensure a smooth and easy process for the legal teams, barristers and judges alike.

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