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Should you Outsource your Electronic Bundles?

September 27, 2023

Why Should you Outsource your Electronic Bundle? 


Building electronic bundles can be a time consuming and delicate process. There are many rules laid out by the courts on how you should prepare and present electronic bundles.  XBundle work with law firms to create efficient and reliable solutions and to ensure that they can focus their time on fee earning.

There are many reasons why legal teams are outsourcing their electronic bundles:

        • Cost effective: XBundle takes pride in creating court compliant, high quality, and reliable bundles. We have over 30 years of experience in creating electronic trial and hearing bundles. We understand the pressure our clients are under to submit a bundle before a certain deadline. Creating an electronic bundle in-house can be a lengthy process and legal team would incur higher costs through training for the correct knowledge and information the perfect bundle needs.


        • Less of a burden on legal teams:  Outsourcing for electronic bundles will allow legal teams to concentrate their focus on the legal matters of the case No matter how big or small the bundle is, XBundle can provide you with a detailed solution.


        • Specialised teams have more experience: Outsourcing to a company who specialises in electronic bundles can be very advantageous for the case as they will understand all rules that the court outlines and the best and quickest way of preparing the bundles that are needed; this also means it is more time efficient and less work for the legal teams to focus on.


        • Time effective: Without an efficient and considered process in place, preparing electronic bundles for court and counsel can create a lengthy and costly headache that legal teams should not need to deal with.


        • Improved accuracy: Experts in the field of electronic bundles prepare, produce, and amend electronic bundles every day; therefore, outsourcing to teams who deal with this on a day-to-day basis will massively improve the accuracy of the bundle as a whole.


How can XBundle help with your bundles?

With a dedicated and experienced team available whenever is needed, to produce and prepare electronic bundles your case, we can instantly reduce the stress of building an electronic bundle yourself in the middle of a busy case.

XBundle thrives in creating tailored solutions that are specific to the deadline in question. We believe that every bundle should be submitted right first time, with zero margin for errors! We are always here to support our clients. Please get in contact if you have any queries.

XBundle are also ISO:27001 certified, meaning we are extremely dedicated to ensuring that all data and information provided to us by clients is managed with the highest level of security and confidentiality. Making the decision to trust us with your electronic bundling needs a lot easier!

Contact us on 0207 871 3125 or email us on if you have any questions or would like a quote for our services.