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The newest edition of the Judicial Review Guide is now available!

September 20, 2023



The 2023 Judicial Review Guide states important information regarding electronic bundles and how they should be presented and formatted in court.

Some of the main points that should be acknowledged from the guide and from Part A of ‘Information for Court users’ are detailed below:

  • Both electronic and hard copies must be provided
  • Hard copies must be secured in a ring or lever arch folder. The spine must be clearly marked with the case reference number.
  • If there are any additional pages that were not included in the original bundle that has been provided, they should be provided in a separate supplementary bundle with those pages appropriately numbered and/or sub-numbered.
  • The judge may refuse to read a bundle which does not comply with these requirements, or direct that a revised bundle is submitted which does comply, which could also incur more expenses.
  • Electronic bundles must be presented in a single PDF.
  • The index must be hyperlinked to relevant documents.
  • Electronic bundles must be text searchable and not scans of hard copies.


For any further information on how to prepare for bundles or if you need of any help on how to comply with the information laid out in the Judicial Review Guide then please feel free to get in touch with our team who can help!

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Take a read of the link below for the full guide on document bundling within the administrative court and Judicial Reviews.

Judicial Review Guide 2023