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Why Can a Bad Bundle Ruin a Good Case

May 25, 2023

A new edition of the King’s Bench Division Guide was published earlier this month. This is the ninth edition of the King’s Bench Guide.

This edition mainly reiterates the guidance in the Commercial Court Guide (11th edition) and Circuit Commercial Court Guide (February 20222).

However, two interesting points worth noting:

“The bundle must be paginated in ascending order. The first page of the PDF, even if it is a title page or index page of the bundle, must be numbered page 1 so that the PDF page numbers match the bundle pagination. The same pagination must be used in any hardcopy bundle.”

King’s Bench Division, Chapter 10, Case Management, 10:20 (4) , page 81

“All costs budgeting materials must appear in a legible format, the right way up so that they can be read from left to right without rotating the PDF or screen, and in single full pages (and on a single screen if electronic)”.

King’s Bench Division, Chapter 10, Case Management, 10:20 (7), page 82

XBundle welcomes this guidance as it provides additional clarity in regard to pagination and landscape documents.

As an XBundle standard, all our electronic bundles are Court compliant, and the first page is always numbered 1. We understand the need for pagination to be in ascending order. We also appreciate that bookmarks should be labelled indicating the document referred to and display the relevant bundle page numbers ‘1_Claim Form (Page A23)’.

We also provide our clients with a ‘portrait’ version and ‘landscape’ version of their bundle. Both versions have the same content and pagination. The only difference is that the ‘portrait’ version is the print ready version. This means that all documents are ‘portrait’ and pagination is in the correct place. The ‘landscape’ version is your ‘electronic presentation of evidence’ (EPE) version. This is the version you would present and display in court. This version will display all costs budgets or any similar documents landscape (rather than portrait). This will ensure that all parties and Judge can read the document without rotating the PDF or screen.

We believe a disorganised and non-compliant bundle can ruin a good case. Please get in touch if you need any help with creating a court compliant bundle.